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Dear readers my name is Mick Avince Aka CryptoWatchDog i am a full time crypto trader and i am the founder of Crypto Profit Traders Inc. today i want show to how to double bitcoin every day for free, before getting started i want to share with you who i am and how it works i founded this profitable company 3 years ago.

Since i got started in bitcoin industry i was struggling to earn bitcoins but i have failed many times i have done possible thing to make huge profits then i have developed my own Crypto Profit Traders System you can see my screenshot below i have generated over 2398 bitcoins more then $24 million dollars for free

We are very excited to share this great opportunity with you to Earn bitcoins every Day
Why i am sharing this system in public because i want to help few people to test my powerful machine for free and it doesn’t matter how much you want to double your bitcoin using my machine if your interested deposit bitcoin 0.02 to get started and make your bitcoin double We charge 0.001 btc fee for transactions only and our system is totally free and it works for every one.

This Screenshot took in 17-August- 2019 recently! this software traded cryptos and accumulated BTC with AI Powered E-ceta trading Software Over 2398 bitcoins $24 Million dollars This year

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How It Works?

Create an account and deposit the amount in your wallet,

The minimum investment is 0.02 BTC And Maximum is 2 BTC

Goto-> You dashboard area and click on Invest option once u invest your desire amount the trading will be proceed and started. Our top notch trader will trade your amount using our most profitable tools which we created Ai-E-ceta Algorithm tool, It helps us to make huge profits every hour, we pay your total profit in 12 hour.

For example

If you invest 0.02 BTC You Will Receive 0.04 BTC In 12 hours

If you invest 2 btc you will receive 4 btc in 12 hours

You can start with any amount between 0.02 BTC To 2 BTC


Lora Started And Invested 0.5 BTC In 12 Hours She Received 1 BTC

Meet Our Team

Richard Heart

Founder & CEO

Richard heart is a crypto billionaire and Founder & Ceo, Investor

Sam Seiden

Investor & Advisor

Sam Seiden trades one of the purest forms of trading : price action using supply and demand analysis.

Jarratt Davis

Investor & Advisor

Jarratt Davis made a name for himself when Barclays named him second best Forex Trader in the world

Total investment gained this year

876 BTC

Total paid to our users

1932.7 BTC

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